Software Test Enginner

Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Job Description

We are seeking a highly motivated and passionate individual to join Digikala’s Software Development team as a Software Test Engineer. As a Software Test Engineer, you'll advocate for continuous delivery and build quality in the entire software development process.


Meeting with the Engineering/QA/Product teams to determine testing parameters. Writing test scenarios and creating test cases for cross-functional software products. For each Digikala product/system software release develop and execute automated test scripts to demonstrate they meet product specifications and requirements Writing up the final QA and test procedures for the quality technicians. Ensuring all tests and procedures meet company and industry standards. Preparing test reports for management Report existing issues and bugs to the engineers team


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related fields Strong fundamental understanding of Software Engineering principles Passionate for implementing Quality Assurance automated tests Familiar with JavaScript (ReactJS or React Native) or PHP Familiar with various testing techniques and testing tools is beneficial (such as detox, selenium, etc) Strong organizational, problem-solving, and analytical skills

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