Event Supervisor

Job description

  • Supervise all internal and external events & BTL activities of Digikala and sub-brands
  • Maintain schedule & budget of all internal and external events and prepare plans, proposal & requirements for each
  • Co-Liaison with and supervise external event contractors
  • Serve as liaison and contact person for coordinating details of events with departments, outside contractors, meeting planners, and others involved in events.
  • Attend all relevant industry & brand events & exhibitions
  • Ensure the alignment of events with company & brand’s objectives
  • Responsible for task division ensuring smooth and high quality execution of tasks
  • Prepare all required paperwork including forms, reports, and schedules in an organized and timely manner.
  • Obtain equipment and supplies needed for each event co-liaising with relevant departments/contractors, ensuring that they meet expectations and requirements.
  • Inspect event /Exhibition space prior to the start of each event/exhibition. Check event setup, menu specifications, service staff, etc according to prepared brief
  • Communicate with other departments or sub-brands as needed so that all involved parties have a complete understanding of their responsibilities regarding each event.
  • Attend all regularly scheduled meetings



  • At Least BS Degree in related fields like Business Management, Marketing,etc
  • At least 5 years of experience in the field of event planning & implementation and evaluating the effectiveness.
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Strong Analytical thinking & problem solving