Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Senior Specialist

Job description

  • Support CSR Strategy that includes well-defined and impacting social projects.
  • Administer the company’s CSR activities, serving as primary point of contact for CSR projects
  • Engaging and working with a variety of key internal/external stakeholders on the CSR strategy and community projects
  • Support local community, charity events & initiatives that will help the company to build a positive image
  • In coordination with Brand Manager, administer the company’s CSR budget, providing reports of accountability based on CSR budget segment allocations
  • Seeking for good sponsorship opportunities or projects that increase awareness of the company brands and create positive image for the company
  • Assist with the production of materials for CSR & Sponsorship & Charitable activities
  • Assess all collaboration requests and response in timely manner
  • Prepare a schedule & plan for CSR &sponsorship projects and activities based on brand’s and company’s objectives
  • Research best practices in CSR projects and actively consult with team members and management as needed to formulate, recommend and implement solutions that go beyond the obvious in a timely manner
  • Assist in writing, editing and proofing a variety of CSR reports and documents


  • At Least BS Degree in related fields like Business Management, Marketing,etc
  • At Least 3 Years of experience in Brand Management or Campaign planning & implementing ( CSR experience would be a plus)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong Problem solving and analytical thinking