Business Data Scientist

Job description

We are hiring a new member that can complement our data-driven products with fresh insights.

DigiKala is the largest e-commerce company serving Iranian goods market. Following recent trends in Bigdata and predictive analytics, we appreciate data-oriented decision making in various segments of the business organization. In order to satisfy the needs in operation, marketing and sale for data-driven insights, we have built a team of dedicated data scientists with an array of academic backgrounds.


- Perform exploratory data analysis in customer experience, e.g. churn, repeat purchase.

- Communicate insightful results using proper visualization techniques.

- Build predictive models for consumer future behavior.

- Maintain and optimize current data-driven products, e.g. recommendation system.

- Evaluate the features in DigiKala’s UI. Identify shortcomings and make proposals.

- Leverage statistical tools to generate business value and to boost customer satisfaction.

- Prototype and implement machine learning code that works in production.

- Stay in harmony with teammates in the on-going projects.


- Masters degree in Mathematics, CS, Statistics, Economics, Computer engineering, or related fields

- Ability to explore data and deliver insights about e-commerce business and customer behavior

- Convenience with SQL and writing complicated queries

- Experience in data manipulation and visualization techniques in Python (Pandas, matplotlib) or R

- Ability to work alone on projects and to deliver them on-time

- Practical knowledge of core of Statistics: hypothesis testing, power analysis, regression, etc

- Familiarity with Econometrics is a plus: Panel data analysis, Instrumental variables, etc

- Has moderate understanding of how e-commerce works

- Hands-on experience in Machine learning workflow

- Programming experience with working knowledge of algorithms and data structures is a plus

- Shows enthusiasm to learn new skills

- Proficiency in English language