Business Controlling Manager

Job description

Understand the ecommerce business and ensure control, accuracy, predictability and timely delivery of results, comparative analysis and commentary to BU leaders and CFO. Understand dynamics / economic /environmental drivers of Actual results versus Plan and Forecasts. Ensure financial planning processes for revenue and direct expenses – strategically capture, carefully estimate and skillfully communicate business impacting events. Anticipate changes, seek better practices and contribute to the company as a whole to be successful in its aims.


  • Support the management decision making with business analysis adopting pro-active attitude in identifying risks, chasing all other departments and proposing solutions.
  • Support CFO and Executives on corrective solutions and adhoc projects regarding cost efficiency.
  • Ensure data accuracy of Supernova and follow up the discrepancy with the related teams such as Tech, Retail, MP, etc.
  • Pricing analysis of products and review effects of discount and increases on the NMV and margins.
  • Ensure that an active control on margins (daily) is in place. Coordinates with other departments the necessary actions to keep the margins in line with targets. Create and lead an active controlling role in the pricing structure of the company, in coordination with retail, Market Place and the CFO.
  • Continuously identifying opportunities to improve efficiency of processes by use of ICT means and optimal collaboration with other departments
  • Review and control all DIOs / DPO and communicate to related departments the required corrective actions.
  • Understand and provide analysis for all the marketing investment in products and campaigns in terms ROI and cash effectiveness.


  • At least Bachelor (or higher degree) in Accounting / Finance or Economics.
  • Having same experience in multinationals would be an advantage.
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to formulate and understand business issues, situations or problems by breaking them down into smaller parts and analyze them.
  • Flexibility - the ability to live and act in a climate of change. Handle stress and demands in a calm thoughtful manner with the ability to prioritize, monitor and control operations.
  • Customer service – Aim to exceed BU support requirements and expectations. Have strong customer focus, creates value for the supported BU.